Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3830 (project freeciv):

I understand why an attacking unit might get reduced firepower when attacking
a non-native tile.  I don't understand why this reduction fails to apply
depending on the defending unit: I would expect it to apply in all cases, as
it ought indicate remote bombardment.  Is the intent to allow the greater
firepower when the defender is weakened by being non-native?

Separately, I understand why a defending unit might get reduced firepower when
defending against an attack from a non-native tile if the attacking unit is
not native to the defending tile, as this also indicates remote bombardment. 
I'm not sure that a unit native to both tiles should be so penalised, as it
can defend directly.

For identity with past behaviour, the most recently posted patch is correct. 
Given more thought, I think attacker firepower should be reduced
unconditionally if the defending tile is non-native, as the attacker cannot
engage in typical tactics to overtake the tile, and that defender firepower
should be reduced if the attacker is non-native to the attacked tile AND the
defender is non-native to the attacking tile.  Like so:

if (!is_native_tile(unit_type(attacker), unit_tile(defender))) {
  *att_fp = 1;
  if (!can_exist_at_tile(unit_type(defender), unit_tile(attacker))) {
    *def_fp = 1;

    This behaves the same as the original code for air->land, air->sea,
air->air, sea->land, sea->sea, land->air, and land->land.  This behaves
differently in the sea->air and land->sea cases.  For sea->air (e.g.
Battleship attacking Helicopter), the firepower of the attacker is reduced,
but the firepower of the defender is not.  For land->sea (e.g. AttackNonNative
Howitzer vs. Battleship), the firepower of both units is reduced.

Note that the most recently posted patch matches the land->sea behaviour
described immediately above, but does not match the sea->air behaviour,
instead not reducing the firepower of either unit.  As much as I currently
think the logic in this post is correct, I've had that feeling about other
logic previously, so would appreciate more discussion before posting another
full patch.


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