Follow-up Comment #25, patch #3829 (project freeciv):

> 1) Should integrated roads be commutative for movement cost?
> 2) Should integrated roads be commutative for sprite drawing?
> 3) What move_cost should be used for integrated roads?

For 1 & 2 I think we may have support for non-commutative behavior in
low-level code, but until we see real need (important use-case) for such a
setup, we force rulesets to have them commutative (sanity check that when A is
integrated to B, also B is integrated to A).
For 3, we don't seem to have any gameplay related argument to base our
decision to, so it's probably going to be what's easiest to implement (comes
most naturally out of the code / takes least CPU cycles) - if we know by first
part already that speed with these integrated roads is not going to be better
than with currently selected one, we don't need to iterate through potentially
integrating roads.


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