Follow-up Comment #20, patch #3829 (project freeciv):

One thing that I've always (since first civ1 game two decades ago) found a bit
inconsistent is what movement cost gets used.

1) If there's no road in target tile, it's movement cost is used. It doesn't
matter if first half of your journey is climing down from another mountain
(moving from mountain to mountain tile), or train trip on plains (plains with
railroad to mountain), the cost is the same
2) If there's road in target tile, the source tile suddenly matters. If
there's no road in source tile, target road is not used. (Also, if there's
railroad (+ road) on target, but only road on source, road cost is used)

Now I'm not entirely sure which cost should apply to integrated roads
movement. Probably the slower of the two, be it in source or target tile, to
be consistent with existing "railroad (+implicit road) in one tile, road in
another" -model.

Do you have some specific reason this should be in 2.5? (If you plan to
publish high-quality ruleset that uses this for 2.5, we can consider including
this, but otherwise, given number of things to resolve, possibly including
some AI changes, I'd rather target this to 2.6)


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