Follow-up Comment #22, patch #3829 (project freeciv):

Thinking about it, what AI changes would be related to this?  Autosettler road
selection for route building?  Pathfinding should already be handled due to
the implementation of single_move_cost(), and traditional ferryboats don't get
road benefits (so aiferry doesn't really care: more because it needs so much
work than because it shouldn't care, but that's a different issue).  Not that
this is an argument for inclusion in 2.5, but rather that I would prefer not
to leave something undone related to this, especially the AI, as I tend to
play single-player and it annoys me when the AI is unable to deal with
something (for example, with the classic ruleset, I have found it convenient
to use paratroopers and stealth bombers to win the game before building boats,
because then the AI thinks it doesn't need to worry about defense, making it
easy to conquer everything).  I still can't beat the AI at land vs. land
without a technical or massive production advantage, so I know that when I win
it is usually because the AI just didn't understand the strategic or tactical
options available with the ruleset.


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