Follow-up Comment #24, patch #3829 (project freeciv):

    I think it's a combination of the want being small and there being some
bugs with the magic numbers in adv_settlers_road_bonus being wrong (at least I
think they are wrong: so far I only understand about 70% of the code under the
"if you can understand the algorithm below please rewrite this explanation"
comment (2 definitely and one almost), but that's not quite enough to be
certain about changing the numbers).  Fixing that would be good, and fixing it
with integrated roads even better, but I'm not sure I like the idea of
stalling this waiting for that, although I don't have any issues if that
happens to be ready before this coincidentally.

    As I see it, there are four remaining things to determine for this

1) Should integrated roads be commutative for movement cost?
2) Should integrated roads be commutative for sprite drawing?
3) What move_cost should be used for integrated roads?
4) Are there any more outstanding masked bugs in the basic implementation
(like the one found about the client not actually receiving the bitvector)?

    The first three aren't especially easy questions, and the last will only
be resolved with more testing (especially as the patch is updated for the
first three issues), so that I think there aren't many left isn't meant as an
indicator that the patch is ready or the ticket is almost done.


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