Follow-up Comment #19, patch #3829 (project freeciv):

Looks to me like MAX_ROAD_TYPES (based on my reading of the definition of
BV_DEFINE), but as it is early-termination, this may or may not be horrible
(depending on the road being checked).  That said, since we tend to sort roads
in rulesets from slowest to fastest, the roads that are most interesting to
check are checked last (whereas with the sorted integrators vectors, they are
checked first).  Probably needs some thought, but it might be interesting to
sort hiders, if there is a sensible sort field, for the same class of
early-termination optimisation.  Anyway, none of this particularly matters
except in terms of which possible method might be used if we wanted to have
differing commutative behaviour for integrated roads for graphical placement
and movement cost, and I don't think there's even consensus on whether road
integration should be commutative yet :)


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