Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3775 (project freeciv):

Of course, with the new terrain features things get much more complicated for
the AI. Think of a ruleset where tanks can not cross swamps (they drown), but
are fast enough to find a path around and so still could keep pace with, say,
a caravan.

The proposed patch addresses the classical rulesets, where it gives little
improvement with very little code change.

In view of rulesets that make extensive use of the new terrain features, AI
should check all unit types once when the ruleset is loaded, construct a "can
follow" relationship (a partial order) and use this if possible, but fall back
on some crude heuristics if now bodyguards could be found this way.

The protected unit would have to check before moving if the bodyguard can
If a king is to be protected because of GameLoss attribute, it should stay put
behind city walls and movement type of bodyguard does not matter at all.


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