Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3775 (project freeciv):

2) Bases can affect tile nativity, rivers are a type of road for 2.5+

4/6) Units are additionally subject to movement gains/losses for arbitrary
requirement conditions from effects.ruleset : thinking about it, there may be
a bug in pathfinding that these potential gains/losses are not checked on a
per-tile basis.

7) Also, some units can subvert zones of control (e.g. using spies to ease
movement of Mech. Inf. in otherwise ZOC-unfreindly terrain)

8) Unit attack capabilities (well, potential victim defense) may also be
adjusted based on victim tile and unit type/flag/class.

10) Units with high movement rates may provide better defense due to the
ability to perform multiple attacks against potential hostile units.

    For assignment, perhaps the ferry routines (which badly need an overhaul
anyway) could be rewritten to generally provide multiunit accompaniment
pathfinding, considering the ability for one unit to carry another, defend
another, etc.  Units that might seek a bodyguard would attempt to draft one on
a per-mission basis, rather than as a permanent assignment.  Unemployed
bodyguards would seek nearby native cities to await new bodyguard requests (or
just defend the city, if nothing interesting is happening nearby).  Injured
bodyguards/fuel-limited/hp_loss-weak bodyguards might request the charge
request a new bodyguard with enough warning to be able to return to somewhere
to recharge.


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