Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20842 (project freeciv):

Your helpful answer, and further testing, led me to investigate again the
issue which did not actually disappear after my first patch. As you rightfully
indicated, the client should not expect the server to accept requests
unilaterally, and thus should not update the state of an unit before receiving
the server update. There seems to be one exception to that rule (see comments
of function `handle_unit_packet_common` in client/packhand.c), but it doesn't
concern the issue at hand. 

Basically, whenever a group of units is being awaken, the server will send a
batch of packets to indicate that change to the client. In certain situations,
the client will then put these units in the
`client/control.c:urgent_focus_queue` list, so that these units get the player
attention. However, when these units are put in sentry mode, they are not
removed from that queue. Later, when the client looks for a unit to be put in
focus, it will check `urgent_focus_queue` (see the
`client/control.c:advance_unit_focus` function). My original patch was not far
off it seems, and the new patch I hereby propose simply removes any unit put
in sentry mode from the urgent queue. 

I provide also a minimal map to test the issue on the client before and after
the patch. Let me restate the steps to reproduce the bug:

- load up the map,
- click on the sole unit stack there,
- click on the 'ready all' button of the select dialog,
- press 'shift-v' to select the whole unit stack,
- press 's' to put them all in sentry again

The above steps consistently produce the issue on my computer. Also, a small
log of the packets exchanged between the client and the server is provided,
with light annotations (and a few more debugging messages which I added to my
own build) of the packet stream. It shows the packets which made units to be
added to the urgent list (see packets '10' to '20', which correspond to the
idle activity change notification from the server after pressing 'shift-v'),
and the selection of the next focused unit (after packet '29').

(file #18034, file #18035)

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