Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21507 (project freeciv):

I added new patch with comments reidented, and included rescription in "all"

I also have some comments, suggestions:
why use inconsistent indentation in code and rulesets (code -> spaces over
tabs, ruleset tabs over spaces)?

I see no point in having flag descriptions/ruleset help copied in multiple
places. It seems only thing it does is polute changelogs, and additional work
to add changes in all places(which also increases chance for errors/mistakes).
I think we can presume that anyone writing rulesets is using normal editor
(vim, emacs etc have multiple windows buffers) or IDE (mostly have tabbed
interface) and not ms notepad or such, thus there is little advantage in
having flags at the top of the file when you can simply have separate
tab/buffer open with all explanation. If you agree with this I open new bug
and let me know I can do such minuscule changes.

As for ruleset, lets say it is for testing (though I myself tested it with
classic). But to be fair I'm fairly confident that this flag is *very
sensible* for most non military units, and would strongly suggest considering
adding it classic if not all rulesets.

Also I think with this there is no reason to have speceal treatment of zoc for
air and water units, but thats other discussion.

(file #20018)

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