Follow-up Comment #11, bug #21507 (project freeciv):

_In the auto generated help text: "zones of control" => "zone of control"_
No just a line above:
_Ignores zone*s* of control._
And it is used like this in most places, if you still do not agree you can
chage it.

_In the auto generated help text: missing space between "it" (before your line
break) and "will" (after the line break)._

_You forgot a space in the indention after your broke the if statement_

_data/helpdata.txt should be updated_

_You forgot the tab on the same line as the flag in the rule set documentation
I'm ether unable to udnerstand or dicern what you want here. I checked
.ruleset files my formatting is consistend with all other flags.

@cazfi (+ _Marko is right that the flag name could be clearer._)
_You can argue all you want that it's user error when they get it wrong, but
it's still our time wasted when we explain things to those who are wondering
why it doesn't work the way they expect._
If you see it as more clear change it, but I do not see it as being clearer in
any way, but it is longer thus makes rulesets more cumbersome to read/write.
Also never seen such use ("Causes (no) ZOC", besides I think causes has more
temporal meaning), but I definetly have seen Has (no) ZOC. As for users they
should be refered to manual, that should be kept consistent with workings. But
this is so called "biksheding" It is trivial for you to rename a flag if you
see it's name as unclear.

(file #20035)

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