Follow-up Comment #9, bug #21507 (project freeciv):

_I think Windows users are actually our biggest end-user group nowadays. And
for casual Windows user notepad and wordpad are the only ASCII editors._

First I would find quite unlikelly that casual user would be editing rulesets,
second even assuming that. Separate file for help still seems like way way
better alternative, its much easier to switch between windows than to
repeatedly scroll up and down. And if one opens the same file in two windows,
one can as well have two different files open.

_Maybe changing the flag name to something that makes it obvious which way it
works is in order. People have already confused existing ZOC flags.
"CausesNoZOC"? Existing flags could (in separate ticket) then be renamed as
"NotAffectedByZOC" (or "NotSubjectToZOC") for consistency._

Has and Causes, same as Ignores and NotAffected are almost identical with
regards to clarity (besides neve ever I head such use "causes zones of
control", not affected is less odd, but still totaly clear in my opinion),
only second ones are much longer so I do not see a need for change. And there
always exists help and manual, thus frankly such discussion seems kinda

_You mean changing the rulesets, or is there something missing in ruleset
format level?_
No there is special C code as sveinung said.


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