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Follow-up Comment #4:

> I added new patch with comments reidented, and included rescription in "all"
Thank you. Assigning this ticket to my self. That makes it my job to review
and, if accepted, to commit your change.


> I also have some comments, suggestions:
I'm not a native English speaker. Please assume that I intended to be polite
and friendly if I got the tone wrong. Let me know if something isn't clear or
if I misunderstood you.

> why use inconsistent indentation in code and rulesets (code -> spaces over
tabs, ruleset tabs over spaces)?
The long term goal for the code is spaces everywhere. When only changing
something small in a differently formatted section using the surrounding white
space style is OK. The reason you shouldn't change white space for areas you
don't modify is that it will make it more difficult to back port bug fixes. I
assume this applies to rule sets as well.

> I see no point in having flag descriptions/ruleset help copied in multiple
The point is that people should be able to fork any bundled rule set and still
have it documented. The disadvantages you mention are the price we pay for

> I think we can presume that anyone writing rulesets is using normal editor
(vim, emacs etc have multiple windows buffers) or IDE (mostly have tabbed
interface) and not ms notepad or such
Non programmers that modify Freeciv rule sets do exist. We can't assume they
know how to take advantage of advanced text editors and IDE's.

> I'm fairly confident that this flag is very sensible for most non military
units, and would strongly suggest considering adding it
In that case you may wish to file a patch ticket in our patch tracker that
makes a rule set start using the flag. (I suggest starting with one rule set
to keep the task smaller) Some advice on what to consider when you argue for a
rule change:
* What will your change do to the game balance? (What strategies will become
possible/easier/harder/impossible because of it?)
* How will it impact current users? (Will old save games work? Will it confuse
existing players?) This is more important for old and popular rule sets that
have been stable for years than it is for new and unpopular rule sets that
change often.
* Will your change help/hinder rule set specific goals? (The goal of the civ1
and civ2 rule sets is the be as close to the original games as possible. If a
rule set has a README it may be a good idea to have a look at it)
* If you identify problems you should of course explain why the benefits of
the change makes them worth it.

> Also I think with this there is no reason to have speceal treatment of zoc
for air and water units
That may be a candidate for generalization[1]. But, like you said, that is
another discussion.

[1] Generalization = to move hard coded rules to the rule set


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