Follow-up Comment #12, patch #4608 (project freeciv):

>What if you give Triremes Zoc?
Sounds good, but you could bypass it with one explorer/diplomat in one of the
triremes. I think the same tricks would be possible, just a bit harder.
I guess a human player can defend his terrain by placing a fortress in the
middle of the river, but I do not expect the ai to do the same, and I do not
like to introduce additional disavantages for the ai.

Anyway, I think the current version of civ2civ3 for v2.5 is playable as it is.
I guess future changes will go to v2.6.

I find the economical part of the ruleset mostly finished. It has been tested
online, and I personally like it offline.

It is the combat system what I do not consider finished, in part due to some
of these available trick/exploits.
In part because I made the latest changes with the idea of a future rule where
units in open field can get defensive bonuses from adjacent units, or
penalties from adjacent enemies (one day I'll open another ticket to try to
convince you about this possibility...).
Right now, the combat in civ2civ3 is a bit simplistic, and the chances to win
an attack in open terrain use to be 99% no matter the units involved. I still
prefer it to classic rules, but online players are not liking some of these
latest changes. If we see that offline players agree, I'll create a patch to
make v2.6 more similar to greatturn rules that people seem to like.

Thats all for now. See you.


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