Follow-up Comment #8, patch #4608 (project freeciv):

I see. Then I guess there is no hurry for the trunk patch. I personally like
to keep both versions the same, at least until I can finish my tests with

Anyway, let me point here the 2 possibilities I see to exploit this fortress
hole, in case there is an alternative solution:

1) You use a pile of 3 engineers (with 2 movement points) to move to an enemy
tile that cost 1 mp (plains, desert...), and the remaining mp is used to
finish the fortress.

2) You use triremes to move 3 workers to an enemy river. The triremes seem to
ignore the enemy border, and also to bypass the "slow invasion" option, so you
can use the mp of the workers to finish the fortress.

3) In long turn games there are many other situations because the movement of
workers/engineers is increased. And I guess they will keep using his own
version with pre-fortress.

In some online games they removed the capability of triremes to move in rivers
because it is a source for this kind of exploits, and I think it might be a
good decision.

For S2_5, why don't we change the default turn mode from concurrent to
alternate? I suppose it'd avoid this kind of problems related to fortresses
and fortified units, at least in single player.


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