Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21901 (project freeciv):

This is an old bug. It was discussed on longturn a few years ago. It has
recently been discussed on greatturn.

Enabling ai sea-barbarians is not the same as allowing allowing a human player
to player the pirate nation. Any nation in the nation list can be set as the
sea-barbarians merely by adding the line
barbarian_type = "Sea"
into the relevant national ruleset. What cannot happen is to have enabled ai
sea-barbarians but no nation for them to play. By default the pirates are the
only sea-barbarians. If a human plays the pirates you must choose another
nation to be the sea-barbarians or the server will crash when it tries to
spawn a new nation.

The patch won't really help because people hacking the ruleset files will
alter the is_playable flag in the pirate nation so they can play pirates.

A better patch would refuse to spawn sea_barbarians if there were no possible
nations for them to play.


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