Update of patch #3901 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.6.0                  


Follow-up Comment #4:

After some discussion on IRC, pepeto and I concluded that the comment "/*
Entering port or bombardment */" introduced into sea_overlap_move() in r12065
was, while sensible, not the intended purpose of this use of SINGLE_MOVE. 
Rather, this use of SINGLE_MOVE is intended to represent the cost of moving to
normally inaccessible territory as a result of overlap movement, to facilitate
path planning for ferries.  As a result, it is probably inappropriate to check
pf_is_able_to_attack() in overlap moves, and there should probably be a new
function overlap_move_cost, initially always returning SINGLE_MOVE, but used
to indicate semantic construction for future developers encountering this
issue, or needing to apply special values for this condition.

There was also some discussion about the appropriate ordering of the
city_channel_tile() check and the potential_transport check in
pf_is_ok_move_tile(), and interaction of this ordering with potential
application of is_source_tile to city_channels and use in overlap moves.

Note that bug #21871 is now targeted only towards S2_5, so this patch must
also address that issue in final form.

Review remains underway: those with rulesets that depend on complex nativity
may feel free to test with the current patch (which addresses the vast
majority of client-side GoTo issues), but be aware there may be additional
changes as a result of deeper review.


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