Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3901 (project freeciv):

Updated patch addressing identified issues from review.  Overlap moves now
have a separate cost function (set to param->move_rate, rather than
SINGLE_MOVE to discourage attempting to land in two places in one turn). 
Overlap moves still consider attacking, but only if they would be moving to
non-native territory (this may cause issues with paths post-combat, but
pathfinding handles non-terminal combat poorly anyway, so not a regression). 
The order of conditionals for pf_is_ok_move_tile() was adjusted, which should
speed resolution for most cases involving entering or leaving cities (while
potentially slowing resolution when entering transport in an otherwise
inaccessible city in games permitting city channels (should be rare)).  Patch
applies over r24782.

(file #20540)

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