Hello Jerome and Eric

Thank you for your comments.  IMHO the issue of having a working keyboard is
essential.  DOS and its clones appear to their users as TUI thus if the
keyboard does not allow to issue commands it makes the OS to become almost 
An user that has to hit around ten different keys until he finds the backslash
key only to be capable to issue a "cd" command will lost interest quite soon.
I had to mount the virtual disk to be capable to inspect it without getting
crazy due to the keyboard and to figure out how to fix the issue.  30 years ago
I used to use MSDOS every day all day long and thus I was suprised how much the
directory structure and the available drivers and files differ from old DOS.
So trying to fix this was not so straightforward as I expected at a first 

IMO this issue could be tremendously alleviated by adding to FDCONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT, as comments, those lines that are required to select a particular
keyboard layout.  Having the required lines at the appropriate places together
with some docs will allow those users that are experienced with DOS already to
fix the issue by themselfs.  Please note that I am not expecting any kind of
magic.  The MSDOS installer also did never offer any kind of magic but at least
it asked the user to specify some locale and deduced from this what keyboard
specific lines to add to config.sys and autoexec.bat.
Neitherless it should be remembered that outside the US, the US keyboard layout
is almost useless because crucial keys like backslash and colon are at different
places and thus not easily found frustrating the average user quite soon.

Juan M. Guerrero

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