Hello Eric, 

> On Oct 14, 2016, at 4:01 PM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Hi Jerome, as said, I would recommend a little dialog in the
> installer for the MKEYB keyboard languages only, with a REM
> line in the config to let people enable other layouts with
> the bigger KEYB manually at a later moment. See the list here:

I don’t know if Jim would prefer an additional screen prompt or not.
I will ask him.

>> C:\>mkeyb /L
>> mKEYB 0.34 [Sep 18 2002] - all languages Copyright (c) 2002 www.tomehlert.de
>> […]
>> HE - HEBREW - hebrew keyboard (by diego)
> Cheers, Eric

1.2 will be shipping with mkeyb 0.41 dated 2006. It contains (at a glance) a 
dozen or so
more languages. 

I see GR, GR2 and SG (Swiss German) keymaps available.

Being in the USA and using a US Keyboard, I have never messed with these. But,
MKEYB is easy to use. So, I will see what Jim wants to do. At worst, I will 
have it
include REM’d versions.

Unfortunately, I don’t see support for DE or EO in mkeyb 0.41. I do see NL and 

So, unfortunately I just can’t add this to the installed main config file:

if %LANG% == “EN” goto NoKeyb
mkeyb %LANG%

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