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> […]
> I can understand that you - as a user of the BIOS standard US keyboard -
> have little understanding of the size of the problem.
> we had recently a discussion about turkish keyboard layout.
> to make you more aware of the problem, try to put
> for this http://ascii-table.com/keyboard.php/440 
> <http://ascii-table.com/keyboard.php/440> keyboard, into
> Now try to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT and put REM into front of the KEYB line.

No need. I have used linux distributions that did not correctly map the keyboard
when US was selected or when logged in remotely. So, I know the pain of using 
a console that does not match your keyboard. But, this has been rare and I have 
never needed to mess around with it under DOS.

>> Unfortunately, I don’t see support for DE or EO in mkeyb 0.41. I do see NL 
>> and FR.
>> So, unfortunately I just can’t add this to the installed main config file:
>> if %LANG% == “EN” goto NoKeyb
>> mkeyb %LANG%
>> :NoKeyB
> language != keyboard.

Ya, I know. It would be nice though. But, alas it is not practical. Let’s just 
consider US English Language. Just a couple possibilities, QWERTY, DVORAK,
Windows, Macintosh, 88-Key, 101-Key and so on and on.

> even as a german user, I always have used, use, and will use a US
> ASCII keyboard. Similar for NL, and the UK keyboard is different from

That is exactly why I feel that automatically setting the keyboard is just as 
bad as not setting it.

> you will have to add an additional dialog for keyboard selection.

I don’t know if that is going to happen or not. We really are getting down to 
a couple days from releasing RC1. This topic should have been brought up
several months ago when development of FDI became mostly idle and only
minor package changes for the release started being applied.

I don’t know wether or not Jim will give the OK to add that for non-US language 
installations. Depending on when I get an answer from him, I may not have 
sufficient time to implement it. 

All of that being said, It would not be difficult to add it to FDI. It has been 
designed to 
be expandable and fairly easy to add additional functionality and prompts. I 
probably be able to scrape up a few spare minutes to implement an additional
installer prompt for non-US language keyboard selection. Just depends on
what Jim decides and when.

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