On 12/29/2016 4:00 PM, Jose Antonio Senna wrote:
> So no, it's not reasonable to expect FreeDOS to work under a
>> running  Win95. It may be possible in theory (if someone
>> fixed the bugs), but nobody has done it (yet, AFAIK).
>    I did not say Win95, I said Win98SE, and I did not try to
>   run FreeDos under Windows; I tried to start  Windows from
>   FreeDOS.  This said,  I did not expect that to work, I just
>   noted what did happen.
NO version of Windows will start from FreeDOS, not 3.x nor any 9x...
>> Dunno, try Gujin (DOS version) instead, it should work
>> (although I likely only tried like once several years ago):
>    The point was not how to boot Linux, it was to show another
>   difference in behaviour between FreeDOS and MSDOS 7.
There is no MS-DOS 7, despite what people are trying to tell. That "Boot 
part" if Windows 9x will identify itself as DOS version 7, but never was 
a standalone version of DOS. The last standalone version of MS-DOS was 
6.22 and that is as far as FreeDOS can reasonably take it...
>   However, it would be nice if loadlin worked under FreeDOS.
Have you tried to contact the maintainer of loadlin about this?


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