> There is no MS-DOS 7, despite what people are trying to tell. That
> "Boot part" if Windows 9x will identify itself as DOS version 7,
> but never was a standalone version of DOS.

Actually, with a little bit of tweaking, it can be -- I do it all of the time.  
The two main things you need to do are to edit MSDOS.SYS (which is simply a 
text-based configuration file, not an executable file like it was in earlier 
versions of MS-DOS), and to "hide" (move or rename) a few files in the 
C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND subdirectory.  IIRC, those files are IFSHLP.SYS, HIMEM.SYS, 
and EMM386.EXE.  The OS tries to install those programs automatically even if 
you don't want them (they are sort of like "hidden" lines in CONFIG.SYS, and 
are required to be installed if you actually run Windows 9x).

Also, I personally like to "mix and match" the MS-DOS utilities and the FreeDOS 
(and other non-MS) equivalent utilities.  Sometimes I prefer the MS ones and 
other times I prefer one of the alternatives.  I don't use Win 9x any more at 
all, but I use MS-DOS 7.x almost every day.
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