On 12/29/2016 8:52 PM, Steve Nickolas wrote:
>> NO version of Windows will start from FreeDOS, not 3.x nor any 9x...
> I know 3.1 did in the past, with provisos, did that regress?
Sorry  but I am not aware that anyone has successfully been able to do 
>> There is no MS-DOS 7, despite what people are trying to tell. That "Boot
>> part" if Windows 9x will identify itself as DOS version 7, but never was
>> a standalone version of DOS. The last standalone version of MS-DOS was
>> 6.22 and that is as far as FreeDOS can reasonably take it...
> There's PC DOS 7 but that's another story for another day. ;)
Indeed. IBM's PC-DOS 7 is a completely different animal. IBM and MS-DOS 
parted ways after MS/PC-DOS 4.x. IBM never had a v5, skipped straight to 
6.1. And IBM was always "a number ahead" ever since (until the last 
release of IBM DOS, which was PC-DOS 2000)
>>>    However, it would be nice if loadlin worked under FreeDOS.;
>> Have you tried to contact the maintainer of loadlin about this?
> Is there still a maintainer of loadlin?
Don't know, haven't had time to check yet. But if not, that might be a 
reason why it might not work with FreeDOS... ;-)
Well, there is (supposed to be)
> Hans Lermen got retired, so I took maintainship of loadlin.  Here you can find
> old revisions, as well as the newer 1.6f which should work with nowadays 
> kernel
> (or else please mail samuel.thiba...@ens-lyon.org)
> loadlin.hg is a mercurial repository, you can clone it:
> hg clone static-http://youpibouh.thefreecat.org/loadlin/loadlin.hg/
The last version mentioned above is from September 2012...


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