On 12/30/2016 6:57 AM, Steve Nickolas wrote:
> *I* did it, but that was many years ago.  I do remember the VDM didn't
> work.
What I remember (granted, getting old LOL) was that someone had 3.0 
starting but then couldn't do much beyond that. Not aware that anyone 
every got it working (beyond a mere bootup) on 3.1 or Enhancded mode due 
to memory manager issues.
> Actually, IBM had 3 releases of version 5 (5.0, 5.00.1, 5.02) and the
> first two were essentially identical to Microsoft's 5.0 and 5.0A.
Well, yes, but those were as you stated just OEM versions from M$, with 
no IBM specifics beyond what any other OEM had, unlike the later 
versions of PC-DOS. Can't see in PC-DOS 5.02 anything different but the 
renamed IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM either...


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