On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 6:00 PM, Jose Antonio Senna
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>  Rugxulo said:
>> On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 6:16 PM, Jose Antonio Senna
>> <jasse...@vivointernetdiscada.com.br> wrote:
>>>  I booted FreeDOS kernel 2042 from a floppy in a W98SE
>>> machine, and it seems to run OK.
>> So no, it's not reasonable to expect FreeDOS to work under a
>> running  Win95. It may be possible in theory (if someone
>> fixed the bugs), but nobody has done it (yet, AFAIK).
>   I did not say Win95, I said Win98SE,

Okay, but generally speaking, I'm referring to what limited rumor I've
heard about "Win9x", not uniquely specific to "Win95", per se. AFAIK,
all of the Win9x family share the same design (minus maybe WinME,
which is somewhat different about bootup or whatever).

I don't know the details first-hand, so I can't say for sure, just
that it's not expected to work with other DOSes. I'm pretty sure even
OpenDOS and EDR-DOS don't have the necessary fixes to run Win95, and I
don't think DR-DOS 7.03 does either. They lost a lot of money (and
maybe gave up) due to that incompatibility (although they did win a
lawsuit later on). At best, all you can do with DR-DOS 7.03 (by
default) is dual boot with Win95. Actually, I think explicitly the
rumor was that Novell gave up entirely on Novell DOS 7 once it was
announced that Win95 would come bundled with MS-DOS. Hence the
changing of ownership (yet again). You'd have to ask someone more
familiar with it (Matthias Paul?), but perhaps even he isn't
interested in discussing it.

The point is that none of the existing developers needed or wanted it
badly enough to "fix" it for FreeDOS, and such fixes are far from
obvious because it was not well-documented by MS (on purpose).

To be honest, since MS-DOS comes bundled with Win9x and (more or less)
works the same way, I don't see any disadvantage in just using that. I
don't understand the appeal of trying to run Win9x (of any kind) atop
FreeDOS (beyond morbid curiosity).

Maybe some kernel devs here can expound upon this further. Maybe I'm
the wrong one to still be talking about this since I don't know the
gory details.

>  and I did not try to
>  run FreeDos under Windows; I tried to start  Windows from
>  FreeDOS.  This said,  I did not expect that to work, I just
>  noted what did happen.

Same difference, that's what I really meant: to combine running DOS
and Win9x together, they are basically inseparable.

>> Dunno, try Gujin (DOS version) instead, it should work
>   The point was not how to boot Linux, it was to show another
>  difference in behaviour between FreeDOS and MSDOS 7.
>  However, it would be nice if loadlin worked under FreeDOS.

Great, but lack of proper Loadlin functionality atop DOS is very low
priority. Very few people in Linux "want" a DOS install to boot from,
much less "need" it.

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