> The pendrive geometry is 974/128/63 according to the desktop BIOS. In
> the MBR its formatted as 1021/124/62, that is how linux sees it and
> that is what is seen by the notebook BIOS.

That is an odd geometry, but you can use SYS CONFIG to patch some
settings in the kernel.sys binary itself to make it use only LBA.

> FreeDOS assumes the correct partition beginning is in CHS from disk,
> converts it to LBA and back to CHS using the BIOS values. What if the
> CHS is wrong because the disk was formatted in another computer?

See above. Apparently CHS was more compatible in some cases...

>  * The CHS values in the boot sector are used at a higher level. The CHS
>  * that DOS uses in various INT21/AH=44 IOCTL calls are converted to LBA
>  * using the boot sector values and then converted back to CHS using BIOS
>  * values if necessary. Internally we do LBA as much as possible.

And I hope that SYS CONFIG will set both initdisk and higher level I/O.


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