Hi Ranieri,

> now I am booting FreeDOS from a FAT16 partition taking only the
> last cylinder of the HD (8 MB). Perhaps I should start over with a
> cleaner setup.

If your disk is more than 8 GB, the last cylinder cannot be
reached without LBA anyway, so FORCELBA should not make a
difference. However, FORCELBA should help you to boot from
USB flash drives where the geometry is sometimes ambiguous
because they do not actually have any :-) But 8 MB is very
small even for DOS, I would suggest 50 MB or even 250 MB:

Gives you some space to play with DOS and is not really a
noticeable loss for other OSes anyway. You could use e.g.
GPARTED (from a boot CD/DVD/USB maybe) to resize partitions
but make sure to fully shut down other operating systems
first - do not resize while a system is just hibernating.

> The pendrive partiton is type 0c. I also tried MSDOS 7.1 from a
> Grub4dos-mapped floppy image and it recognizes the pendrive,

So if I understand correctly, grub4dos and the floppy image
are also on the USb stick from which you boot? I somehow do
wonder what is D: then - the last-8-MB harddisk partition?

Or something on the stick? Is the floppy image A: and the
rest of the stick C:? Then you could boot from the bulk of
the stick instead, without a floppy image, using grub4dos
or syslinux or similar.

> dir d:\ returns the correct list. I uploaded the 1st MB of
> the partition in case anyone is interested.
> http://www.box.net/shared/56e5ojjvhx7i2n6tkgr3

The first MB of the partition on the stick? On harddisk?

Regards, Eric

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