it's risky to guess CHS geometry from the MBR, because partitions
don't necessarily end at cylinder boundaries.

Using CHS internally means to use int13 calls to read/write sectors
using CHS values (which Linux does not do). For those the only values
that make sense and are safe are the ones compatible with the BIOS,
irrespective of what is in the boot sector or MBR! The only reason why
CHS is used at all internally for BIOSes that also support LBA is for
compatibility with older device drivers (think of cache) that only
know about CHS.

If all is well, your pendrive's boot sector(s) use the 1021/124/62 geometry.

You can always use SYS CONFIG (see docs\sys.txt) with forcelba or set
the partition type(s) to an LBA type (0c/0e/0f) (which makes the drive
invisible to MSDOS < 7) to avoid all the CHS complications.


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