> If all is well, your pendrive's boot sector(s) use the 1021/124/62 geometry.

I think the partition is properly set as 1021/124/62 because the
desktop refused to boot Syslinux in the pendrive earlier. Since I had
set the geometry this way it can boot from the pendrive.

> You can always use SYS CONFIG (see docs\sys.txt) with forcelba or set
> the partition type(s) to an LBA type (0c/0e/0f) (which makes the drive
> invisible to MSDOS < 7) to avoid all the CHS complications.

I didnt know about SYS CONFIG. I just tried FORCELBA=0 and FORCELBA=1.
Doing a dir d:\ after reboot prints garbage that looks different in
both cases.

Maybe left-over non-standard stuff I did in my setup is confusing
FreeDOS, as I was desperated to update my BIOS and tried a lot of MBRs
and partitioning until making a bootable pendrive that worked here. As
of now I am booting FreeDOS from a FAT16 partition taking only the
last cylinder of the HD (8 MB). Perhaps I should start over with a
cleaner setup.

The pendrive partiton is type 0c. I also tried MSDOS 7.1 from a
Grub4dos-mapped floppy image and it recognizes the pendrive, dir d:\
returns the correct list. I attached the MBR and partition start in
case anyone is interested.

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