Op 10-7-2011 3:10, dos386 schreef:
> Anyone can please upload the __correct__ "HISTORY.TXT" file for
> the 2040 kernel release on some place where it is easily discoverable ?
> Both SF and fdos.org ?
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/freedos/files/Kernel/2040/

It's history.txt inside the doc directory, inside the zip archive.

I'm still to test if DEVICEHIGH/SHELLHIGH and DEVLOAD /H work as 
expected, with various kernels and devload versions.

Changes Jeremy
        * r1501 sys/sys.c: correct return value from NULL to FALSE -
          fix compile with OW1.9
        * r1500 docs/sys.txt, sys/sys.c:
          handle case when source not specified but filename for boot
          sector is given (sys X: bootfile.bin)

+ Changes Bart
        * r1569 kernel/{config.c,kernel.asm,init-mod.h,globals.h}:
          Allocate bigger chunk of memory for INSTALL for __WATCOMC__
          because the memory layout is different from other compilers.
          Fixes issues mentioned by Bret Johnson and Christian Masloch
          in freedos-user/freedos-kernel.
        * r1568 kernel/asmsupt.asm, mkfiles/owlinux.mak: Make sure the
          DOS native and Linux cross-builds produce identical binaries.
        * r1567 drivers/rdpcclk.asm,kernel/{asmsupt,entry,irqstack,kernel,
          nls_hc}.asm, kernel/makefile:
          Remove useless END from nls_hc.asm, add explicit byte
           overrides for older versions of NASM for more compact code,
           and adjust silent relocation segments.
        * r1565 sys/sys.c: Change // to /* comments for Turbo C compatibility.
        * r1564 kernel/dosfns.c: If handle valid, close file in PSP
          table before the low-level close + (perhaps) critical error.
          Avoids closing the file twice (and hitting the critical
          error twice) on abort/program termination.
          Also, close can only return error 6 (DE_INVLDHNDL), not 5
          (DE_ACCESS), see RBIL.
        * r1563 kernel/task.c: From Christian Masloch:
          set flags to 0x200 (IF set) when transferring to int22
          termination address.
        * r1562 kernel/fatfs.c: Check errors for callers of dir_write
          and shrink_file. Fixes: Bug: File creation does not check
          whether buffers are written correctly
        * r1561 kernel/blockio.c, kernel/fatdir.c:
          No longer force flush1() and dir_write_update() to return
          TRUE if there were disk write errors. Part 1 for fixing
          Bug: File creation does not check whether buffers are
          written correctly
        * r1560 kernel/kernel.asm:
          Enlarge clock and block driver stacks. Thanks to Damien Guibouret
        * r1559 kernel/fatfs.c: Fix value that is used before being initialised.
          This lead to a drive to not be considered as FAT32 despite it is
          (or vice-versa).
          Thanks to Damien Guibouret <damien.guibou...@partition-saving.com>.
        * r1499 kernel/makefile:
          With the stack changes the DOS segment has moved to 0x79.
        * r1498 kernel/irqstack.asm:
          New irqstack.asm: irq 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 now
          use the IBM interrupt sharing protocol for STACKS. Affect
          int 2 too, but not IRQ 7 (INT 0fh) and IRQ 9 (INT 71h)

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