At 12:50 AM 5/18/2004 +0400, you wrote:
>17-νΑΚ-2004 14:03 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Devore) wrote to
>>>as always, your message appears as 1 long line. Very wide. Manually quoting now..
>MD> wins and I'll change or not, accordingly.  What I won't do is change away
>MD> from using the world-standard multi-platform Eudora after ten+ years along
>MD> with a few million other people.
>     Do you mean, that Eudora can't "hardly" wrap long lines?! I don't
>beleive. :)

I have no idea what Eudora is doing, the e-mails look okay to me going out with plain 
style.  By the way, your original quote-back was not wrapped and indented, and Bernd's 
was, so what does that mean?

This all would be a good deal easier if sundry people weren't taking this silly 
"HTML-email-is-evil, my extra bandwidth bill is .0000238 more euros/dollars when HTML 
is used,  my billable time to scan past a few extra lines costs an additional 3 
zillion zloty's" attitude.  Then we could auto-send nice looking HTML e-mail to those 
who support it and plain-text fronts for those who don't.  Eliminates the whole 

Geez, if it worked with Topica, how come SourceForge can't match it there?  Doesn't 
say good things for VA Software's own open-source project they're trying to sell the 
services for that they can't even support basic mail-list filtering and front-end 

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