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Silly Microsoft for including a bitmap into a 220KB kernel which was also intended to be put on bootdisks with only 1.44MB capacity.

Wengier's "Super Boot Disk" IO.SYS at http://newdos.yginfo.net/msdos71/ is just 123 KB. He managed to remove the bitmap logo ;-)

Hmmm, interesting page. I am watching: http://newdos.yginfo.net/msdos71/whatsnew.htm
I see a couple of inaccuracies, such as Euro Sign support can't be in 850, but 858 (andAltGr+5 in some keyboards, AltGr+E in mine).
However, it talks about LFN support, but AFAIK this is implemented in VFAT, not in MS-DOS kernel. At least my Win98 DOS (MS-DOS 7.10) can't see LFNs, so unless the author has taken the shots on a Win9X DOS box, do you know how is that he mentions and has screenshots of DOS with LFNs?


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