Robert Urban schreef:
I assumed that USB-ZIP was for Iomega zip drives attached by USB.  In any case,
I tried it, with results identical to USB-FDD and USB-CDROM  -- it ignored
the USB-stick.

contains a 'readme.usbkey' textdocument and a script (mkdiskimage) for initialising an USB Disk into 'ZIP geometry'.

Please try.
Execute the script with correct parameters,
and install Syslinux to it.

if you want to boot FreeDOS from your USB key,
get several files from

the fdos1440.img contains a Syslinux configuration file (syslinux.cfg),
the MEMDISK program (to load a disk image into RAM and let it act as actual floppydisk) and FDBOOT.IMG (the FreeDOS diskette image file I use).
Other stuff might also be interesting, like Smart Boot Manager.

syntax for booting this fdboot.img file:

label freedos
kernel memdisk
append initrd=fdboot.img


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