At 07:52 PM 4/29/2005 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

Quite a while ago, when we had the same discussion, I showed you some
documentation (PC DOS stuff afair?) which explicitly states that you
can use int 21.01 ... int 21.0c at almost any time. That includes that
you can use them from within SYS files and from within device init.

Why is the #define there from the original developers? It wasn't arbitrarily put there because somebody felt like not redirecting DOS output to be a mean person.

In other words, programs like FDAPM which access ACPI tables with help
of int 15.87 are "bad", and should be using a full blown multi-kilobyte
DOS extender / run in protected mode for that measly "fetch tables" call?


I said FDXMS / FDXXMS is rapidly becoming obsolete. Did you read my message or just assume you knew what it said based on what you thought I would say?

MFT works fine for me. It was one of the test application I used for EMS. It's also one of the programs which doesn't like >32M EMS.

Lemmings has never worked properly for me since everything was moved to a different machine.

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