Michael Devore wrote:
At 04:42 PM 9/21/2005 -0700, Brolin Empey wrote:

FastTracker 2.08 runs fine for me under latest HIMEM and EMM386.
PKUNZIP failing unless the NOEMS option is specified, now that's a problem I'm working on.

EMM386 v2.05 breaks my FDCONFIG.SYS! When booting, I get the following output:

FreeDOS HIMEM64 3.11...
HIMEM - KBC A20 method used
EMM386 2.05...
CONFIG.SYS* error in line 26**
>>>12?DEVICEhigh=C:\FDOS\bin\vide-cdd.sys /D:vide

EMM386 isn't involved in parsing CONFIG.SYS at all, but you can try the emmflesh.zip update if you want to see about the latest.

The problem is now solved. :) I tried the latest EMM386, but could only boot by using the NOVDS parameter. Of course, this is no use when it comes to running FastTracker II since FT2 refuses to run, saying that "The memory manager does not support Virtual DMA Specification at 0000:0000". It never occurred to me until now to try booting *without* EMM386, so I tried this next. FT2 now seems to work fine, at least for long enough to play back a couple of tracks on the PC speaker. Relatively simple songs actually sound quite good on the speaker. :)

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