At 08:05 PM 9/21/2005 -0500, I wrote:

At 05:48 PM 9/21/2005 -0700, Blair Campbell wrote:
I think that it'd be really nice to have a utility to detect the
instances where VDS would fail because then distros like mine can add
the NOVDS option in the installed config.sys and a user could save
much trouble by not having to boot without EMM386 and edit config.sys.

If I could detect when VDS would fail, I could make it not do so, with a high likelihood of success, depending on severity of the conflict. HOW to detect when VDS is in conflict is the $64,000 question. Without MS-style resources to acquire 100's of different test machines, we're kind of stuck.

Given the three VDS problem reports, I've added a basic VDS filter to EMM386, such that reserved but unused VDS functions aren't processed with failure return code, but passed on to the default interrupt, in the hope that they're really SCSI functions to be sent on down the line. I'll post it as a version 2.06 in a day or two.

No idea whether it will make a difference, but the two diametrically opposed camps of "fail if UMBs and VDS off" versus "fail if VDS on and using certain SCSI drives" issue has got to be addressed.

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