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NwDisk is for Netware.

MS Client Solution

You should try MS Client with NDIS driver only, NDIS is not a packet
driver, I've failed a number of times to bind a NDIS driver to MS
Client, some of the NIC's driver have problem.

I've successfully bind 3COM 3c905b-tx and REALTEK's 8139 driver,
please refer to my homepage:


KA9Q solution

> The resources I found on the internet are pretty scarce and I may be
>using the wrong syntax for NOS, but perhaps with more experience then me has 
>used KA9Q before
>and know more about it.

I've tried but failed like you, reason unknown.

But I try to install EZNOS and ARACHNE and succeeded, only have to
load a packet driver and they worked!


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