Hi Johnson:

I've been thinking about how to make this easier to do.
Again, the target of the dual boot is someone who says

"I just got a brand new computer with WindowsXP.  I want
to install FreeDOS on that computer but I don't
want to change my WindowsXP installation."

The procedure I've written up does that...but it is
not trivial.  The SECOND time takes only ten minutes or
so, but the first time takes substantially longer.

There is a nice Linux bootable CD which contains GParted
and a few limited tools.  I could take that CD, add
FreeDOS and customize it a bit.  (It is under the GPL).
It is MUCH smaller than the Mutagenix image I suggest in
the current draft of the procedure.

This could let the user install FreeDOS on a WindowsXP
computer from a single bootable CD, instead of the
two that are now required.  It would make it easier
on users without a floppy disk drive (most new
computers don't have floppy drives any more).

The size of this "combined" CD would be under 50
Megabytes.  If we had somewhere that people could
download it, we could simplify and start to automate
the procedure.

Do you think this is worth putting this much work into,
beyond just cleaning up the written procedure?


Johnson Lam wrote:
On Mon, 23 Jan 2006 18:32:55 -0500, you wrote:

Hi Mark,


I'm not smart, so I think the target of the dual boot should be:

1) Install FreeDOS FAT32, then install WinXP, add FreeDOS to WinXP
loader (simple but I found sometimes WinXP refuse to write the boot
sector if it's not MSDOS)

2) Make FAT32 partition somewhere in the WinXP installed hard disk,
then use boot manager (WinXP boot loader or something like Robert
Riebisch's bootmgr)


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