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Hi Mark,

>There is a nice Linux bootable CD which contains GParted
>and a few limited tools.  I could take that CD, add
>FreeDOS and customize it a bit.  (It is under the GPL).
>It is MUCH smaller than the Mutagenix image I suggest in
>the current draft of the procedure.

If you got the time, and don't mind to do it, of course I'm (also many
people out there) very glad to hear this news.

>This could let the user install FreeDOS on a WindowsXP
>computer from a single bootable CD, instead of the
>two that are now required.  It would make it easier
>on users without a floppy disk drive (most new
>computers don't have floppy drives any more).

You're right, some PC like Shuttle have no floppy drive anymore, this
is the trend that never rollback, and USB floppy drive cost a lot more
than an internal floppy drive.

>The size of this "combined" CD would be under 50
>Megabytes.  If we had somewhere that people could
>download it, we could simplify and start to automate
>the procedure.

This sounds good! Less than 50MB image still acceptable to most

>Do you think this is worth putting this much work into,
>beyond just cleaning up the written procedure?

It depends on what you expected. What I think is worth did it, both
for yourself, your friend or even someone you don't know. I'm sure
people using that CD will thanks to your effort.

Thank you for writing the procedure, it should be hosted on Ibiblio or
I'll host it on my homepage if you agree.


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