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14-Мар-2006 17:21 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Mark Bailey) wrote to

T> So, can you direct a fdisk /mbr to remove the mbr on a usb key to get
T> back to the floppy emulation?
     As I understand, this is not possible: diskettes do not contain MBR,
disks do. And these schemes are not interchangeable.
     "fdisk/mbr" just (re)writes MBR booting code, this neither changes nor
deletes anything other (partitions information). And FDISK do not deal with
non-MBR media by definition.
MB> A USB stick can be set up either with or without an MBR.

     I don't mean inverse, I just says that FDISK doesn't helps in this.

MB> You can use Linux commands to switch back and forth.

     With destroying previous content?

Yes.  These destroy any contents of the USB stick and reformat it.

The HP utility will also write a FreeDOS kernel and boot sector
(or MSDOS kernel and boot sector) to the stick.



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