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Hi Techfan,

>Thanks for the info. . .so I just need to sys the usb stick?  That works
>with Msdos as well?  I thought I had tried that before. . .the main
>issue I have is that I need to be able to boot to it and run ghostcast
>off a network drive.  I already use the netboot global boot disk with
>good success, but never known how to make the usb stick bootable. . .  I
>will have to play with it.

Under 2 condition:

1) Your BIOS must have "USB-ZIP" or "USB-HDD" option, otherwise you
have to use floppy with USBASPI.SYS

2) Your USB stick must be "bootable", I got an old USB stick which
can't boot, no matter how I try it fail, later I change a new one and
it works!

You can try the HP's tools "SP27213" under Windows, if your BIOS
support boot from USB, you may try "SYS" the USB stick, it should


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