Uploaded to 
is an updated BASE CD-ROM ISO.  Hopefully, the bugs that plagued users
of the last distribution should be gone, and I would greatly
appreciate testing from ones where it mangled the former contents of
their filesystem.

Some updated features are:

- The batch files have been completely revamped, and things should be
more user-friendly

- The user can now install to whichever drive that they wish to
install to; it asks the user quite near the beginning of the process
to which drive the user would like to install to.

- The menus in the former ISOs which didn't use powerbatch now use
powerbatch for a more user-friendly experience.

- XFdisk is now the default partitioner due to Fdisk bugs not being
fixed.  Fdisk is still available as an option however.

- DOSLFN is now in the BASE diskset since long filenames are becoming
increasingly important

- Some programs like EMM386 got updated to fix bugs in QEMU mostly

- The user can now select their language and country etc... far
earlier in the installation process; in fact, it happens before most
other things.

- Some other minor problems were fixed

- The installer now has a check for free disk space; if there is not
enough diskspace to install a package, the installer should ask the
user if they wish to continue the installation after skipping that

If the major problems that affected people are fixed in this
distribution, I will release this ISO and the other ISOs (probably
with a few more minor changes) as 1.0.  Cheers to everyone for getting
this far!

Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change
color and fall from the trees.
   David Letterman (1947 - )

See ya

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