LFN(long) file names are stored in marked invalid and hidden directory
entries in the FAT (root table chain.. hmm), the FAT type doesn't apply here
(VFAT=FAT32/16/12).. it is a kludge. Be a shame for MS BS to pull Freedos
down into the quagmire.

Ah, well, who cares right?


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On 8/2/06, Chris Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hmm, can you guys add some better LFN support? I disagree with the
> kludge. M

What do you mean? FreeDOS already supports the documented LFN
interrupts if the DOSLFN TSR is loaded.  And FreeCOM now also supports
LFNs in most operations.

> Maybe store them into descript.ion files or invent a new FS for freedos,

Unnecessary, see above.  DOSLFN access VFAT disks just like Windows,
and its long filenames are compatible.

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