> Hmm, can you guys add some better LFN support? I disagree with the Microsoft
> kludge.
> Maybe store them into descript.ion files or invent a new FS for freedos,
> call it say, FAT64 that has it designed in proper like. :)

Actually command.com can already use descript.ion for DIR, but
on the other hand, far more people do what MS tells them - use LFN
in MS VFAT style, without decript.ion...

You could however write a tool which forwards LFN changes and
stores them in the descript.ion files :-).

Talking about LFN, for *me*, using DOSLFN made deleting files
fail, any idea why? And of course: Loading DOSLFN, DISPLAY and
SHARE eats 30 kilobytes of RAM, I would really like to have a
boot menu selection which allows me to decide whether to load
all three or none of them. Being asked for each separately is
left as an exercise to the reader, one menu item is enough.
DOSLFN for LFN, DISPLAY for non-US/western fonts, SHARE for
DOS boxes inside Windows.


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