> If the major problems that affected people are fixed in this
> distribution, I will release this ISO and the other ISOs (probably
> with a few more minor changes) as 1.0.  Cheers to everyone for getting
> this far!

Thanks for the new version!

The good thing is: I got a running system with the first try.
The bad thing is: there are still some severe annoyances.

I tried to install FD on the same image where the previous version of FD was 
installed already (size 16 MB, about 9 MB still free). I did *not* alter the 
language or the install drive.

During the installation process i got some dozens "[undefined message X.X]" 
displays onto the screen, but since the screen is cleared so often I cannot 
tell more details. At the end there is a message "F.R.E.E.D.O.S.", but the 
system doesn't wait to long and I got back to the primary menu where I now 
choosed "boot from harddisk".

the freedos menu from fdconfig.sys appears (the previous fdconfig.sys has been 
saved to fdconfig.old)

1. when I select "Load FreeDOS with EMM386, no EMS..."

The boot works , but I'm getting 4 messages: bad command or filename - 
"[Undefined" on the screen (because there are 4 lines "[undefined message 
x.x]" in C:\FDOS\FDAUTO.BAT).

2. when I select "Load FreeDOS without drivers"

I get the same 4 messages as with 1., but what's more important, after the 
C:\> prompt has appeared, there still comes the message "error reading from 
drive A: DOS area: drive not ready (A)bort ....". So this bug has *not* been 
fixed :(.

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