>> (without emm386...)
>> C:\> prompt has appeared, there still comes the message "error reading from
>> drive A: DOS area: drive not ready (A)bort ....". So this bug has *not* been
>> fixed :(.
> Actually for me it accessed B: each time when the prompt appeared,
> I think it was a problem in $P prompt handling. Blair fixed a LFN-or-
> not-conditional-compile bug recently which fixed that for me:
> www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/dos/command/0.84pre/testing/command.com

I have got the same error. It is not fixed with the new command.com
mentioned above.
Another bug is that the path variable is not recognized in autoexec.bat
E.g. you set path=C:\dos in autoexec.bat and call keyb.exe with can be
definitely found in C:\dos I always get an error message "unrecognized


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