> Are you willing to do that trivial task and 
> demonstrate an actual interest in helping to correct the issue, or will you 
> just preach and post here?

Neither nor. The issue is of minor general interest, since most FD users will 
use FD Himem and FD Emm386 with the standard parameters. For me it was of 
interest, because I want FD-Emm386 running stable with MS-Himem (and other XMS 
hosts). So I did some research, found a bug and described in Bugzilla - IMO 
sufficiently detailed for someone interested in the matter - what I've done 
and that I was able to fix it. That's all, after that I admittedly lost 
interest in this subject. For the 2-3 FD users who might also want to use FD 
Emm386 outside of FreeDOS or with other XMS hosts I provided a url to download 
the modified version, with source included. That's it. Where's the problem?

The test case you are requesting, yes, sure, I didn't do that yet, since 
dealing with a fixed bug is like reading the newspaper of the day before 
yesterday. Compare this my lack of interest with your's not wanting to provide 
a working build environment and then ...

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