3-Авг-2006 17:53 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Devore) wrote to

>>the final FD 1.0 should probably wait for upcoming Emm386 v2.22 to be
>>released  :) .
MD> Barring the fileset I requested, or other testable indication that your
MD> problem occurs with anyone else, I should not think that would be a
MD> problem.

     If you again miss my report, try to use "G" suffix (as far, as I see,
it supported through GetValue() by EMM=, MIN=, FRAME=, /P, MAX=, I= and X=
in EMM386 and /NUMHANDLES, /MAX=, /HMAMIN= and /INT15= in HIMEM).

MD> In other words, no need to wait for EMM386 3.0 - codenamed "The
MD> Arkady Factor".

     I think, build subsystem _should_ be _added_ before "final" EMM386
version will be released - else, because "no more permanent, than
temporary", EMM386 may never get build subsystem, which allows to 3rdp party
developers to properly check their patches before submitting.

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