Jim Hall wrote:

>> When is someone announcing Freedos 1.0 on news:alt.os.free-dos,
>> news:comp.os.msdos.misc , news:comp.os.msdos.programmer
>> and so on? I'd like to let this honour to the team,
>> but if you're not willing to do it, I can do too :)

> I agree - the honor should go to Blair, since he put in all the work on 
> putting together the distribution.  Blair, if you wouldn't mind doing 
> this, we'd all appreciate it.  (If you don't want to, I can do it.)

Still nothing on these newsgroups. That makes think to Grigory Perelman:
he does all the work, but doesn't care about the honour :) But somebody
should do it, the sooner the better. If there's still nothing this
weekend I think I'll send the announcement.

Ah, don't forget news:gmane.linux.msdos.general , the gmane group of
dosemu mailing-list.

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